9 Hacks and Tricks to Add Music to Video

While making a video, music plays a vital role in enhancing the overall feel of the video.

9 Hacks and Tricks to Add Music to Video

The right music used in the video will help capture the viewers' interest, and you will be able to communicate the message you want to give to the viewers effectively. However, there are times when the actual message of the videos gets lost due to the lack or overuse of music. Therefore, it is essential to have the right kind and the right way of adding music to make the videos effective without losing the essence of the video. Here are some hacks or tips that one should remember and take care of while adding music to the videos you are planning to upload.

1. Know your audience

The first step in adding music to the video is to know your audience and consider what kind of music suits the end-users. The target audience will dictate the choice of music; thereby, knowing their preferences is crucial in adding music to the video. For instance, if the target audience is working professionals, ambient music or classic rock will work. In contrast, if you have a young audience, then the latest hip-hop or electronic kind of music will grab their attention.

2. Seek out the Right Music

You have to make a sound decision in where the music will be, whether you will put it in the foreground or background. So, according to you, decide what part music should play and based on the type of video, add music to video. The background music is usually incorporated in the video, where the main focus is on the person who is doing the talking in the video. In contrast, foreground music is used when the video intends to show what the person is doing, and there is minimum to no talking involved in the video.

3. Selecting the Perfect Music Score

As established earlier, music plays a significant part in most videos, and it is known to stir up emotions. For, e.g., you get a sense of melancholy when you listen to slow and sad music or songs, whereas you work out your best when you hear some high octave music. Hence, choosing the perfect music piece for the video is necessary based on the message you need to impart to the viewer. While selecting the music, you should take care not to overpower the visuals and the video's central theme from the viewers. So, you should know the kind of music you want for the video before making the actual selection.

4. Deciding on Using Lyrical or Non-Lyrical Music

It is also an important thing that you must keep in mind while adding music to the video. An experienced video editor is aware that a lyric video works best when the purpose of the video is not informative, like having some beautiful visuals with no to minimum texts. At the same time, non-lyrical music conveys some vital message through dialogues like an explainer video.

5. Copyright of the Music

Before selecting the music, you should pay attention to the copyrights and comply with the music regulations ahead of using it. If you plan to capitalize on copyrighted music for your video, you have to face legal actions from the owner, which would cost a lot in terms of money and reputation. Thereby, it is advisable to look at the licensing agreements of the music and accordingly take the decision to use it in your video. There are different types of licensing agreements that exist; some pieces of music are free from copyright protection, while there are some for which you have to pay to get the rights. Whatever the case may be, verify the rights and licensing agreement thoroughly before using them.

6. Integrating the Audio and Video

Once you have decided and all the copyrights have been taken care of, you should integrate the audio and video file. There are many tools that you or the video editor can use to blend the files. For example, you can use InVideo, a web-based platform that will help you create video content easily without any hassle. With regular practice, you can quickly produce visually appealing videos with suitable music scores within a matter of time.

7. Edit the Music

The majority of the time, when you are adding music to the video, you only need a specific part of the song or music you have selected. An experienced video editor smartly edits the music as per the requirement of the video. Hence it is imperative to listen to the whole music or song and keep only those parts that go with the entire aesthetic of the video without digressing the message.

8. Set the Volume Correctly

Before uploading the video, you should listen to the finished product multiple times to know the correct volume in the video. If the volume is too high for an explanatory video, it doesn't serve the purpose, and if the volume is too low in the foreground, it will not have the desired impact. Hence, it is vital to adjust the volume of the video. You can ask help from your family and friends about the same and make adjustments accordingly.

9. Practice, Practice, and Practice


The best hack one can give in adding music to the video is practicing the same as possible. With time you will understand more about the dos and don'ts of the whole process and will also have many ideas of making the videos better using various music pieces and effects. A successful video editor has years of experience behind them, which has made people appreciate their work today. You will reach a point where choosing the perfect song and integrating them into the video will naturally come to you through constant practice.

In the end, adding music should not be an arduous task, be creative and have fun with the process.Сначала введите заголовок статьи перед загрузкой фото.Сначала введите заголовок статьи перед загрузкой фото.

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